Der Todesking; Montag

We traveled to Berlin in September 2015, to run the BMW Berlin Marathon; it was just a long weekend trip, and the focus was all about the race and my attempts to run a Boston Marathon qualifying time. (Why yes, thank you – I did. 3:22:20 if you’re bothered.) However, on the Monday ‘recovery’ day, I still found time to check off a Jorg Buttgereit movie location; this one from the Montag segment of Der Todesking.

I’m not even going to begin to try to explain this film to you; if you’ve heard of it, you’ll know; if you haven’t, you probably don’t want to.

Here’s a corresponding still from the film:


This is an exterior wall of the Berlin Zoo; inside the zoo are a number of locations that Mark and Monika wander round during one of their ‘dates’ in Nekromantik 2. However, it was difficult to get specific like-for-like shots of any of those – just a general sense of area.

If I ever go back to Berlin, I’m hoping to scope out the cinema that features (and where a lot of Jorg’s films were originally screened) – and also find the bridge from the Todesking Donnerstag segment.

Das ist der Todesking; er macht das die Menschen nicht mehr leben wollen.

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