S2E06 – Trap

Alexandra Avenue – Regan Searches for Hooter

Jack Regan is in bother; a voice on the phone tells him he has been a ‘very naughty policeman’. The reference is to a job a few years ago – the ‘Golden Maid’ dairy robbery, where Jack got a result and was promoted on the back of it. However, someone is leaning on his informant from that job, Noah, to testify that Jack acted illegally during the investigation. Because of the trouble this could cause him, Jack decides not to tell Haskins what is happening, and goes off on an unsanctioned mission to find out where the informant has been holed up – all the while crossing paths with the gang from the erstwhile job who for reasons of revenge would also like to get the snout to implicate Regan. During his scramble to clear (or, at least – cover) his name, Regan searches out another snout, Hooter, to try and assess the whereabouts of Noah.

Jack looks for Hooter at his place of work (2):

Battersea – Noah’s Mum’s Flat & Manny Bellows’ Office

Noah idolises his Mum; part of the reason he is agreeing to go along with the journalist’s scheme to land Regan in it is that said journo has offered him a substantial sum of money to help her out. Unable to find Noah, Regan knows that Mum is probably the best chance he’ll have of finding out any information that might lead him to the erstwhile snout; meanwhile, the gang of robbers who originally pulled the job are also after Noah – and realise that if Regan is on his trail, then they should follow Regan. Hence they all converge on Mum’s flat in Battersea. Meanwhile, Manny Bellow – an ‘associate’ of the robbers – also gets visits from both parties.

Jack calls George to appraise him of the situation, whilst being watched by the robbers (4):

Jack and George race to Manny Bellows’ offices (5):

‘Three Way Minicabs’ – Manny Bellows’ firm on Battersea High Street (3):

Regan and Carter pay Noah’s Mum a visit at her flats (1):

Realising they’ve been tailed by the robbers, they give them the slip and make a hasty getaway from the estate (2):

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