S2E08 – Poppy

Vic Labbett is back in town, having been holed up in Portugal till the heat from a violent robbery died down a little. Now he wants to recover the stolen loot and trade it for uncut diamonds – in a deal brokered between him and the bank from where the money was stolen by a ‘less than clean’ insurance agent.

Ennismore Gardens – Ron’s Flat

Vic’s sidekick, Ron, is supposedly the only one of his close circle who knows Vic is back, and is coordinating things whilst Vic stays as low as possible on the radar. However, The Squad are tipped off to Vic’s return, and word gets back to Sally – Vic’s wife – who goes round to Ron’s looking for answers as to Vic’s whereabouts.


View from Ron’s flat onto Ennismore Gardens (1):

(Note: the location of Ron’s flat is given as Ennismore Gardens Mews; however, I struggled to see how this tallies – as there are no mews flats that would have a view of the square in the gardens – the other buildings there are all too high. It doesn’t look as if any of the buildings there blocking the view are ‘new’ – unless the builders did a spectacular job of recreating the style of those on the other sides of the square; so it’s likely that the exterior and interior shots of Ron’s ‘mews’ flat may have been different places.)

Ennismore Gardens – Vane’s Flat

We’re still in the same neck of the woods (2); Vane is the dodgy insurance agent who is brokering a deal between Labbett and the bank from where the loot was stolen. The bank gets its bonds back (and has had the insurance payout); Vic gets the stones; everyone wins. In theory… However, The Squad have been staking out the bank, and have seen Vane meeting with the bank’s manager, Sterndale. Onto the fact that he must be in contact with Labbett to do a deal, they stake out his flat.

Wapping & The Docks – The Squad Race to Apprehend Vic

The Squad races to The Docks to capture Vic Labbett as he does the deal for the stolen bonds with Vane in a disused warehouse.


The Squad car approaches Tower Bridge from the North, on the A1210 (7):

The Squad Car turns down Victoria Street towards Pennington Street (4):

Establishing shot of the warehouses below Pennington Street (5) in which Vic is hiding (see the blog post for full details of what’s going on here):

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