S2E09 – Stay Lucky, Eh?

Crime kingpin Tony Kirby has put up two grand front-money for a job being pulled by two of his young villains, Tyson and Jenner. The job goes exactly to plan, and the pair make it away with piles of cash back to their hideout. However, it seems a mystery third-party has been tipped off about the job, and is laying in wait for them on their return. Caught with their guard down, the pair are robbed at gunpoint and relieved of their spoils. In the ensuing fray, Jenner gets a bullet in the leg which needs urgent medical attention; just as much of a problem – they will now have to explain to a less than understanding Kirby why his two grand outlay has netted him nothing in return.

Royal Crescent Mews – Tyson And Jenner’s Lockup

Tyson and Jenner’s lockup is in the lower end of Royal Crescent Mews, just North of Holland Park Roundabout.

Establishing shot from outside the lockup:

Talbot Road / Powis Terrace – Skef Warren Grabs Barry Tyson

Once the job has gone awry, Kirby’s firm are on the hunt for Tyson and Jenner for a little ‘chat’ about what’s happened to Kirby’s money. Skef Warren catches up with Tyson on Talbot Road (2), between Notting Hill and Westbourne Green.

Barry Tyson leaves a newsagents on Talbot Road – and is intercepted by Skef:

Skef convinces Tyson to pay Tony Kirby a visit; they drive away up Powis Terrace (3):

Aldridge Road Villas – Jenner’s Flat

After taking a bullet in the skirmish at the lock up, Jenner naturally can’t go to a regular hospital. He holes up at his flat (4) to be treated by a shady struck-off Doctor; he is also visited there by Regan, and by Barry Tyson – who brings news of the altercation with Skef and the situation with Kirby.

Tyson approaches Aldridge Road Villas from the direction of Tavistock Road / Westbourne Park:

He goes into Jenner’s flat – Number 46:

Swanscombe Road – Regan and Carter Chase Jenner

The Squad has been staking out Jenner’s flat, and see Tyson visiting. They follow him – but he cottons onto the tail and scarpers. George and Jack chase him down and take him for questioning (after a punch up or two, of course).

Regan and Carter chase Jenner out of Swanscombe Road shops onto St. Anne’s Road (2):

Jenner doubles back down a service alleyway (immediately to his left on the picture above) in which he skirmishes with George:

After tangling with George, Jenner runs out of the ‘western’ end of the service alleyway, where he is apprehended by Regan; a somewhat winded George catches up with them:

Queensdale Crescent – Skef Grabs Liz Jenner

Unable to get to Jenner, Skef instead targets his wife Liz to impress upon her how keen Tony Kirby is to have a chat with her husband. He catches up with her as she walks along St. Annes Road and into Queensdale Crescent (3).

Hillsleigh Road – Tony Kirby’s House

Kingpin Tony Kirby lives on Hillsleigh Road, just South of Holland Park Avenue. He assembles his ‘troops’ there to head to the theatre where Herbie Mew works, having learned that the snout is being visited by the mystery third party who stole the money from Tyson and Jenner.

Tony’s house on Hillsleigh Road:

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