S2E04 – Big Brother

Deacon’s Gang Kidnap Security Guard; Regan & Carter Bring Angela In For Questioning

NHMap1Andy Deacon is part of an armed gang who ambush a security van and kidnap one of the guards. Shortly after being picked up and questioned by The Sweeney, Andy collapses; his ‘big brother’ Phil puts a hit out on Regan, who has a race against time on to prove that he was not responsible for Andy’s injuries.


Establishing shot of the ambush site from the other side of the bridge (5):

The gang head to the ambush site in Bard Road (5):

POV shot as the gang leave the scene:

Lee and Deacon escape the scene of the robbery, driving down Bard Road (4):

They head round Darfield Way (1) towards the waste ground near Westway:

The gang’s van enters the waste ground under West Cross Route (2) where they dump the security guard:

Later in the episode, Regan and Carter bring Angela, who has been linked to Andy Deacon, in for questioning (3):

They get into the squad car, and drive away down Freston Road (4):

Kingsdown Close: Bringing Angela In; Chasing Linbert

NHMap2Jack and George have discovered that Angela was one of the last people to see Andy before he was being questioned at the station, and where he collapsed. She is brought in for questioning to try to ascertain the timeline of what happened to Andy before his arrest. It transpires that Linbert Rea, an ex of Angela’s, is something of the jealous type and not at all well disposed towards her new beau. It was actually Linbert who dished out the beating on Andy that caused his severe injuries – those for which Phil Deacon blames Regan, and has thus put out a hit on him.

Looking NW towards Westway, as the squad car brings Angela in:

Later on, chasing Linbert – the same street, just taken further back down the road:


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