There’s no plot; it just goes on like that for an hour.

Torture… Murder… Mutilation…

OK- what this actually is – or at least is intended to be – is some sort of holding tank for random ramblings about movies, TV, and the like.

It’s here initially, because I’ve had this idea for who-knows-how-long, (or how many re-watches on DVD of the original series) that I want to travel around London and try to visit the exterior locations in episodes of The Sweeney. Because, well – why not? A kind of where-are-they-now of places. (Many of them won’t be anywhere at all, of course and alas; a lot of that lovely old waste ground and the dodgy old buildings will have been developed and ‘gentrified’; but some places still exist, under new coats of paint and different guises…)

It then occurred to me whilst setting up the blog, that it’s not just The Sweeney that I do this with; I have a habit of wanting to visit movie locations whenever I travel. Hence the scope has expanded, I’ve called it Channel 83 (Cronenberg-themed online personae being a common trope with me) and I’ll just post anything here that seems vaguely relevant to that type of theme.

Long live The New Flesh

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