S1E06 – Night Out

The Warrington Hotel – Pub Next Door To The Bank

A good deal of this episode takes place in and around the Warrington Hotel in Maida Vale (1); a bank job is in progress next door, and Regan is sent to pay a visit to an old girlfriend who lives in a room above the pub, to keep a watchful eye over proceedings and catch the robbers as they exit the scene of the crime. Other members of The Squad, including George, are also dispatched to the pub to stay downstairs as backup.

Iris approaches the pub, coming past the front of the bank:

Regan arrives outside the pub, looking up at the upper floor windows where Iris’ room is:

Regan comes round to the front of the pub:

Regan enters the main bar area of the pub:

Behind the bar:

George and Det. Sgt. Gerry Burtonshaw in the pub:

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