S1E07 – The Placer

Holland Park Mews – Harry Poole’s Place


Regan has gone undercover as a driver to get to a gang of hijackers who are taking lorries.  By posing as ‘bait’, Regan becomes known to the gang as being fairly handy, so when Carter arrests Chris Kesey, the driver for the gang’s mastermind Harry Poole, Regan is asked to fill in on driving duty and thus places himself at the heart of the gang.

Shots up and down the Mews where Harry Poole lives (1):

Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale – Fran’s Flat

Fran, an associate of the gang to whom Regan gave a lift whilst undercover posing as a truck driver, lives in a flat in Maida Vale (2). George takes The Squad car – along with Dave the driver and Det. Sgt. Kent – to stake out the flat and wait for Fran to leave, so he can go in and look around for any evidence that might link to the gang and their activities. Unfortunately, the plan to have Kent alert George by phone if anyone approaches the flat goes awry – and he ends up in a fight with Kesey before making his getaway.

George watches Fran’s flat:

Fran drives away from the flat:

George goes to the flat, whilst Kent goes to man the phone box:

George makes a hasty exit from the flat, having fought with Kesey:

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