S1E09 – Golden Boy

Miles St. Arches: Max Deller’s Lock Up

S1E09h11locThe railway arches are just South of Vauxhall Station; currently they still house industrial / business units, and are possibly one of the last remaining remnants of Sweeney London in the immediate area – as almost everything around it has been demolished and rebuilt, or is in the process thereof. (This area is very close to the Nine Elms development area that is home to the new US Embassy, the extended tube line, masses of new tower blocks and apartment buildings, and so on.)

Establishing shots, then and now (original from a now-demolished building):

Unit 28, Max’s Lock Up:


Embankment Station: George Chases Deller and Fuller

SBEmbLoc2This chase sequence takes place around Embankment tube station, firstly descending from Hungerford Bridge walkway to the front of the station, and then the area around the back of the station on Villiers Street, and in and around the passageway along the bottom of Victoria Embankment Gardens.  Reference numbers on the map here are from the actual location visit blog post, hence them not starting at 1.

George comes down the steps from Hungerford Bridge (9):

Outside the front of Embankment tube station (10):

The back of the station (11):

Coming out of Buckingham Street into the passageway behind Victoria Embankment Gardens (12):

Deller and Fuller run along the passageway (13):

George exits onto Villiers Street (14):

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