S2E11 – I Want The Man

Regan’s informant, “Popeye”, has spotted recently released crook Frankie Little going into a restaurant with an unknown woman, and believes him to be involved in a diamond robbery. He phones Regan from a nearby phone box to alert him. Unfortunately for him, whilst he’s got eyes on Little, someone else has him in their sights.

Julie’s Restaurant – Frankie Little Has a Dinner Meeting

Julie’s restaurant – still in business under the same name today – is on Portland Road in between Holland Park and Notting Hill.

Popeye phones Regan from a phone box on Clarendon Cross (5), looking back at the restaurant (4 – the brown-fronted building in the centre of the left-hand picture – largely obscured by trees on the right!):

The Squad car arrives outside Julie’s:

Regan races into the restaurant through the front door:

Unfortunately, the mystery accomplice has been tipped off by staff and has fled out the back way; Regan and co. follow and search the immediate area, but to no avail. (All they find is a blonde wig dumped in the bins round the back.) They exit the back yard out onto Hippodrome Place:

Oakwood Court – Christine’s Flat

“Popeye” has gone missing after phoning Regan with the information that small-time crook Frankie Little was going to be involved in a diamond theft. Regan pulls Little at Julie’s restaurant – but tells him he’ll consider letting the charges drop in exchange for Little leading him to Maynard, the bigger fish. Whilst turning over the flat of Little’s daughter, Sandy, they find a fag packet with a phone number on it that leads them to a block of flats, which they stake out – hoping to discover who answers when the phone in question rings on one of the landings.

George stakes out the flats on Oakwood Court:

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