S1E02 – Jackpot

Royal Crescent Mews – The Sweeney Ambush Robbers

The Squad intercept and (after a huge extended set of skirmishes and punch ups) apprehend the members of a gang of robbers who have just stolen a sizable amount of cash. However, in the melee and confusion, a bag containing £35,000 goes missing.

The ambush takes place in the Mews (6):

Hallfield Estate, Bayswater – Biggleswade’s Flat

Regan pays a visit to Irene, Biggleswade’s wife, at their flat – both to look for any clues or evidence in the flat, and also to question Irene to find out any further information he can about Biggleswade’s movements.

An aerial establishing shot from the flats in Hallfield Estate back to The Railway Tap on Bishops Bridge Road (1):

The Squad car arrives outside Biggleswade’s flat (2) & (3):

Regan talks with Irene Biggleswade outside the flat (4):

Verulam House – Regan Meets With a Doctor


In an attempt to locate the missing cash, Regan tries to understand the motives of the gang’s kingpin, Biggleswade. He learns that Biggleswade has a daughter with a serious medical condition, and he meets with a doctor to establish the nature of this illness, and whether paying for the treatment might be behind Biggleswade’s desperation to retain the last of the un-recovered money.

Regan meets with the doctor (4):

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