S1E02 – Jackpot

Royal Crescent Mews – The Sweeney Ambush Robbers

sbhpmap1The Squad intercept and (after a huge extended set of skirmishes and punch ups) apprehend the members of a gang of robbers who have just stolen a sizable amount of cash. However, in the melee and confusion, a bag containing £35,000 goes missing.



The ambush takes place in the Mews (6):

Verulam House – Regan Meets With a Doctor

sbhpmap3In an attempt to locate the missing cash, Regan tries to understand the motives of the gang’s kingpin, Biggleswade. He learns that Biggleswade has a daughter with a serious medical condition, and he meets with a doctor to establish the nature of this illness, and whether paying for the treatment might be behind Biggleswade’s desperation to retain the last of the un-recovered money.

Regan meets with the doctor (4):

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