S1E05 – Jigsaw

St. Mary’s Gate – George and Jack Visit the Night Watchman

George and Jack visit the night watchman in hospital, to see if he can provide them with any information that would link Eddie Boyse to the job.

Regan and Carter discuss the case after leaving the hospital:

Ascalon Street – Eddie Boyse’s Flat

Regan and Carter pay a visit to Eddie Boyse’s flat to question his wife, and look for any clues or evidence that Eddie may have been involved in the recent job that saw the night watchman badly beaten.

Eddies’ flat is in Ascalon Street (3), on an estate in the shadow of Battersea Power Station and the Dogs’ and Cats’ home (just on the south side of the A3205 from both of these, and penned in on 2 sides by railway lines).

The estate has changed somewhat since the 70s – one of the biggest tower blocks, seen in an aerial establishing shot, is no longer there, and a number of other flats look ‘relatively new’.

Aerial shot; the railway line you can see going under another line in the far right of the left-hand picture is just to the right of the blue fence in the right-hand shot. The higher railway line runs over the top of the grey bridge:

George and Jack look up at Eddie’s flat:

Old Compton Street – Regan Searches For Witnesses

Trying to find out anything that will break Boyse’s alibi, Regan goes into a cafe on Old Compton Street in search of other members of his gang to try to tie them and Eddie to the job

Establishing shots along Old Compton Street:

St. James’s Church – Carter Meets The Vicar


Carter meets with the vicar at St. James’s Church to check with him about Eddie Boyse, who claims to have a cast-iron alibi for the time that a job supposedly went down.

George meets the vicar on his motorcycle, outside the church (8):

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