S2E02 – Faces

Goldborne Road: Carter Scopes Tober’s Junk Shop

NHMap4Tober, ‘Evil Willie’ and their associates are part of a gang of robbers whose heists are carried out to fund the political objectives of their German paymasters. They run their operation from the cover of a junk shop on Goldborne Road.

Despite having been told to back off by the Secret Service, who have a man on the inside of the gang, Regan ignores his orders and goes after the gang. George breaks into the shop to scope things out – and is nearly caught in the act by Tober.
Tober and Willie return from a pub on Blagrove Road (1)

Tober pauses on Goldborne Road, before entering the shop (3)

George scarpers from the junk shop and hides in a public toilet on Bevington Road (2)

Russell Gardens – Carter Chases Albert Milligan

sbhpmap2Carter suspects that local snout Albert Milligan may have some information that would help the squad, and goes to find him at a bookies where they frequently meet. However, something (or indeed, someone) has clearly put the wind up Milligan, and he has it away on his toes to try and avoid speaking to George.


The bookies in Russell Gardens, and Carter following Milligan down towards the Mews (2):

Russell Gardens Mews, where Carter catches Milligan (3):

Albert Bridge – The Squad En Route To ‘Dummy Run’ Robbery

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